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The Lightsworn Society 


The Lightsworn Society is an old-world tale of magic, adventure, revenge and of searching for peace amidst overwhelming adversity. Aleon's family and hometown were destroyed by the tyrant rule of mage-king Ramiel - and with them, he also stole any hope the young boy had of ever knowing safety. He barely escaped, aided by an old witch who would later teach him the ways of spellcasting. What will likely follow is be a bleak and terrifying future - but one with the possibility of triumph. 

The rumors are circling that King Ramiel has in his possession a lens of extraordinary power, and with it he is able to see even to the ends of the earth. However, there have also been rumors of the coming of the greyhearts, who are believed to be the only ones capable of ending his age of injustice.    

First released on Amazon on September 5th, 2020....

Coming to Smashwords under a creative commons license August 2021



The Darkness Without


As the god of life, Osiris, attends to the needs of the human race and deals with his father's unhealthy obsessions, there is also other work that needs done, such as dealing with an unruly pharaoh. What begins as a simple task to find and discipline this pharaoh for misuse of his powers, quickly becomes a struggle in which Osiris, the old gods and the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Seven of the Eight have spoken, and now they will usher in a new era; one in which the deities of the past and mortals will no longer exist. A new god has risen in the lands of Egypt to take their place; one that has aligned itself with chaos....



Smashwords – The Darkness Without – a book by T.C. Hansing



Child of War


In the aftermath of a war, the world is now desolate and destroyed. Out of the entire civilization of humans, all that seemingly remains is a small colony of survivors living in the middle of nowhere. A lot of the world is unsalvageable, and even more of it is covered in flesh-decaying levels of radiation.

This YA post-apocalyptic novella is told from the perspective of a teenager living in that colony. Traveling cautiously from city to city for supplies and looking for survivors, they had all but given up on finding signs of life anywhere. Until they hear an unexpected voice on the radio - telling them they are not alone. There is another group of people living in a hidden bunker in California. They have food and water. They have protection from the elements and radiation. They have electricity.... Now all the colony needs to do is travel clear across the hazardous country to attain these life-saving necessities. But when things start to turn ominous along the way, how far will they push themselves onward for survival? 


Smashwords – Child of War – a book by T.C. Hansing


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Soul Ascension


Heavily influenced by Japanese manga and light novels, this is the story of a teenager who takes on the role of being a guardian angel. He will have to overcome his fears and harness his powers to thwart the plans of evil-incarnate itself!