• T.C. Hansing

Entertainment Industry Boom and the Pandemic in 2020

Sunday is supposed to be my break from blogging, but since I'm just starting out and there's not a lot of content posted yet, I feel the need to rectify this over the next couple of weeks. With that in mind, I thought it'd be interesting to take a brief look at how the entertainment industry did last year.

While a lot of businesses were shuttering last year under the weight of the Coronavirus pandemic, a large part of the entertainment industry did the exact opposite - it thrived. Gaming corporations like Microsoft and Sony saw massive profits. The movie industry admittedly took a huge hit with the closure of theatres, and yet subscription streaming services like Netflix saw a huge increase in demand. So, what effect did the pandemic have on the book industry? According to Statista the total number of eBook sales last year topped any other year since before 2016, and print book sales saw an increase of 8.2%.

These increases are likely due to people needing some form of distraction while they were bunkered down and out of work. I think everyone would agree: we all needed a break from the terrifying, shocking, or sad news stories and surprises of last year. Admittedly, they were enough to drive me to misery a few times until I banned myself from news sites. As I absorbed myself in books, movies and video games instead, it gave me a new appreciation for entertainment as a whole.

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