• T.C. Hansing

An Introduction to The Spine

Updated: May 9

Welcome to The Spine,

Since you are here (and possibly visiting for the first time), I figure you’ll probably want to know a little bit about this blog and what purpose it will serve.

The Spine is a blog written by me – a long-time writer and avid reader. It will focus on all things books: indie books, new release books, news in the publishing industry, free eBooks, and it will even have some content on manga/comics. If you love reading and are looking for the next great book or hidden gem, this is a place where you might find that.

There is a schedule planned for content, which will probably evolve as the site progresses. Every Friday there will be a post on free books currently available for weekend reading. Every Tuesday and Thursday there will be a ‘Top Ten List’ dealing with various aspects of writing and books. There are a lot of cool things planned, which also means a lot of great content to read. If you are a reader or an author who loves books, I’d recommend joining the mailing list below. You’ll get great content delivered to your inbox, and if you are an author, you can follow all the latest book news - from classics to the latest releases!

Update: Previously, I posted that I am open to submissions from authors who want their work reviewed or showcased. But due to all the problems that could arise - being forced to read things that may not cater to me, a disagreement with an author over a post or review, etc. - I've changed my stance and I'm not accepting submissions for indie showcases or free ebook announcements from authors. Those things will still happen every Wednesday and Friday, but I am picking/choosing the books myself. This should hopefully mean a higher quality of content gets posted on this site.

This is my first attempt at running a long-term blog, and I'm still brainstorming a lot of ways to improve it for the future!

Thank you for reading,

T.C. Hansing