• T.C. Hansing

Scene of the Week - A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

To begin the scene of the week, I'd like to describe the events that set this section into motion. In the scene, Ned Stark is talking to Cersei and he reveals he found out her children are not King Robert's - they are the bastard children of Cersei's brother, Jamie. Since she is married to the King, a child - who is not the king's - would sit on the throne if something were to happen to Robert. Ned suggested that she flees before he reveals her secret and they are killed, but Cersei offers a hateful retort in return. She tells Ned he had his chance at the Iron Throne, and he mistakenly threw it away. To which Ned Stark responds that he's made many mistakes, but refusing the Iron Throne wasn't one of them.

Here - in a book titled A Game of Thrones, nonetheless - is a man who would not play Cersei's game, nor the game of thrones. I get the feeling that Ned is unconcerned about what she says next (a quote worthy of being the tagline of the entire series) because he has never had any interest in what countless others die for as the series progresses - the Iron Throne. Whether this is because it feels morally wrong to him and he isn't on a quest for power, or because he is content with his title in the north, is anyone's guess. I will say this though: of all the characters in the entire series, Ned Stark seems to possess more moral fiber than almost any of them. Consider the fact that he went out of his way to warn Cersei, so that she could flee Robert's wrath, rather than go to him directly. This was a mistake he would pay the ultimate price for later....

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