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Saturday Morning Manga Central - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations - Chapter 57

Within the last few chapters we've discovered the purpose of the mysterious group called Kara - along with their ties to the Ohtsutsuki (the parasitic alien species that devours all life on planets). After Jigen was defeated by Naruto and Sasuke, he appears before his (self-proclaimed) most loyal servant, Code. Code is setting plans into motion to seek revenge for Jigen, and to do that he will need the help of the "all-knowing" Eida.

While I think Code would do anything for the Ohtsutsuki, I have a feeling Jigen is holding an ace up his sleeve and might return later on in the series. That is just my opinion, but it all sounds like too great of a coincidence that Code will be able to become an Ohtsutsuki himself while possessing the white karma - just what he wanted - without some sort of 'play' eventually by Jigen's DNA in his body. The White Karma is something we've only just learned about.

But most interestingly, Boruto and Kawaki may have found an 'escape mechanism' for Boruto's Karma, and it lies in that very thing I just mentioned; a failed karma implant attempt in Code. Either way, if the Village Hidden in the Leaves or Naruto don't act fast, Boruto will indeed 'lose everything', like Momoshiki said he would! But how can Naruto and company take down the remnants of the Kara, while they possess the 'all-knowing" living ninja tool, Eida?

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