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Saturday Morning Manga Central – Dragonball Super: Chapter 71

Chapter 71 of the Dragonball Super manga released on April 20th, 2021 and the next chapter is expected in a few weeks. Now that the Z Warriors have defeated the ancient energy-absorbing spellcaster, Moro, they can finally get back to their training regimen in preparation for the next threat against humanity. Goku focuses on mastering Ultra Instinct under the watchful eye of Whis, while Beerus teaches a certain, uh…. particular talent to Vegeta.

Meanwhile, a defector from a galactic outlaw gang prepares to attack the saiyans, after making a wish on the dragonballs that is sure to lead to trouble. This wish was not without sacrifice, and as Granolah prepares for revenge, she doesn’t even realize she's falling right into the trap of her old cohorts who seek her demise.

The Dragonball Super anime stopped airing many months ago. It came to a halt right after the tournament of power arc, with no news on whether it’d even come back. Meanwhile, the manga (which is oddly based on the anime and not the other way around) has kept going at a steady pace since its inception and has surpassed the television show by several arcs.

A new movie for the series has been confirmed for release in 2022. Whether this will follow the storyline of the manga, or have its own unique storyline, remains to be seen. Regardless, the manga doesn’t seem to be coming to an end anytime soon. Readers can expect the battle between Granolah and the saiyans to commence shortly! Granolah now holds the title of 'Strongest in the Universe', but how long will that remain true while Goku and Vegeta train under angels and gods?

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